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1. Project- Any service provided by Webaddictz Limited as described in our confirmation order email to the Client.

2. Client- Any company or individual requesting the services of Webaddictz Limited.

3. We/Us- Means Webaddictz Limited.

4. Live Mode- Means the date the website is available on the client’s chosen domain.

5. Content- Text and images that the client requires on the website.


1. Email is our primary method of contact with regard to all communication for your websites design and development. If you have any problems with the design or development of your website that your developer is unable to resolve by email, you can contact our telephone support service during office hours and our customer support team will always be happy to help.

2. It is the client's responsibility to inform us of any change in email address so we always have valid contact details. We cannot be held liable in any way for problems relating to communication issues if we are not supplied with a valid email address or telephone number.

3. Though every effort will be made to keep in constant touch with the client throughout the entire project, it is also client's responsibility to keep in contact with Webaddictz Limited. If a client does not make contact for more than 2 weeks, we will make attempts up to 1 more week to contact the client by email using the email address for the client held on file. If we do not receive a response to these attempts of contact the project may be terminated, and the deposit will not be refunded. A fine of £50 will be charged if the client returns after an unapproved period and wishes to continue work on their project.

Website Design and Development

1. We offer unlimited design revisions therefore we will continue to work with you on your design concept until you are happy with our proposal. Once the design is approved by you and home page has been drafted no more design revision request will be accepted unless any technical need arises. Any design changes/alterations after approval are subject to additional charges.

2. Webaddictz Limited will provide the client with an expected completion time frame for the project after the order has been placed and reviewed by Webaddictz Project Managers. Project Cycle documentation and regular updates will be sent to clients.

Hosting and Search Engine Optimisation

1. Webaddictz Limited will only host the website if the client requires us to do so and on receipt of full payment. We provide reliable and professional service to our client at all times, excluding unavoidable technical failures. All standard hosting offered by Webaddictz Limited comes with 500mb of website space unless otherwise stated in a separate contract.

2. Hosting services can be renewed annually. The date of renewal will be 12 calendar months from the date the website was made live. Webaddictz Limited will contact the client 4 weeks before the renewal date.

3. The hosting renewal charge must be received 2 weeks before the expiry date at the latest. We reserve the right to deactivate any website when the hosting has expired or no renewable charges have been paid. Any reactivation after expiry of Domain/Hosting will attract a fine of £50. (Domain reactivation is subject to availability).

4. If the client does not use Webaddictz Limited hosting services, then both the management and hosting of the domain name are the full responsibility of the client.

5. If the client does not wish to renew the hosting the site files and associated data can be made available to the client free of cost provided all webaddictz limited invoices have been duly paid. Even the domain name can be transferred to the client's chosen account. Any instruction to upload and configure the site and domain name to a third party server will be subject to charge.

6. Webaddictz Limited do not take any responsibility for a client's website rank on search engines unless we do SEO services for them. This also includes any potential website downtime that can occur while updating, changing, creating and hosting a client's website; there could be a change in the websites search engine ranking.

Domain Names and Links

1. If required, a domain name will be registered by Webaddictz Limited on behalf of the client once we have received the upfront payment. Although the domain names are registered to us, the client is the legal owner of the domain and if they request to have details changed or the domain transferred elsewhere, we will do this within a reasonable timeframe.

2. Webaddictz Limited provides links or references to our client's websites solely for the convenience of prospective customers. We do it with prior consent of the respective client.

3. We place a small text link on the footer of our client's website that simply states the website was designed by Webaddictz Limited and links to our company website. This link can be removed, if required.

Governing Law: Webaddictz Limited is a registered business in UK, with its representatives based in various overseas territories, and is governed by the laws formulated by the Government of England and Wales.

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